Lai Jia-Ping

School of Chemistry and Environment
Field:molecular imprinting; optical sensor; nano materials; pharmaceutical analysis; environmental analysis
1999/09—2002/07,Department of Chemistry, Nankai University,Ph. D
2001/07—2002/06,Department of Biology,Exchange student
,College of Chemistry and Materials, Sichuan Normal University, Master degree
1982/09—1986/07,Department of Chemistry, Sichuan Normal University,Bachelor's degree
2008/12—present,  School of Chemistry & Environment, South China Normal University, Professor
2007/02—2007/07,Department of Chemistry, Hong Kong Baotist University, Visiting Professor
2006/07—2008/11College of Chemistry and Materials, Sichuan Normal University, Professor
2004/08—2006/07,College of Medicine, National University of Singapore, Research Fellow
2002/10—2004/08,Hydrochemistry Institute, Technical University of Munich, Postdoctoral
1992/07—1999/08,Department of Chemistry, Zhanjiang Normal College, Associate Professor
Teaching course
For undergraduate:Analytical Chemistry, Instrumental Analysis,  Pharmaceutical Analysis, Experiments of Analytical Chemistry, Experiments of Instrument Analysis
For graduate student:Pharmaceutical Analysis, New Separation and Analytical Materials, Frontiers of Modern Analytical Chemistry
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